Welcome to the Whole Earth Montessori Web Site

Whole Earth Montessori located in Vancouver, Washington serves children aged 3 to 6 years in a specially prepared environment with caring Montessori-certified teachers and qualified assistants. Conveniently located in the Felida and Salmon Creek neighborhoods of northern Vancouver Washington, Whole Earth Montessori offers a unique setting where children develop their independence, concentration, a positive self-image and a natural love of learning.

In our natural social environment, your child is given the freedom to explore, discover and learn. We believe that all children are born with a drive to grow physically, mentally and socially. Based on the learning philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori, our learning center is designed to encourage growth and innovation.

Children learn best from their own physical activity and senses if given the freedom to discover and create in an enriched educational setting. We focus on each child’s world and strive to integrate their understanding in comprehensive ways. This is why we believe our educational methods are more effective than most daycare, preschool and kindergarten settings.

Our flexible curriculum, which enables students to work at their own pace, includes the following areas:

Practical life focuses on daily living activities that help develop a sense of accomplishment and self esteem.

Sensorial uses the five senses to develop classification and discrimination skills.

Science creates an opportunity to explore and develop concrete foundations for understanding the world.

Art develops the childs creativity and sense of beauty through the expressive use of materials and activities.

Math uses hands-on approach to number concepts, quantity and mathematics operations.

Language designed to allow each child to become a confident and independent reader.