About Us

Whole Earth Montessori was established in 1995. Since its beginning, it has been regarded as one of the premier Montessori schools in southwest Washington. Parents of Whole Earth Montessori students are often amazed at how much their children learn while attending Whole Earth Montessori.

Here are a few comments from parents:

“I regret that I didn’t discover Whole Earth Montessori until my youngest daughter was ready for preschool. She was blessed with an exemplary educational beginning at Whole Earth. One that I wish my older children had the benefit of. The rich environment and wonderful staff developed her interests and skills beyond my expectations. By the time she finished first grade at Whole Earth her reading, writing and math skills were very advanced. But the one thing that I remember the most was how she developed into this capable, independent, confidant girl with a real curiosity to learn new things. That confidence in herself that she gained through her experience at Whole Earth enabled her to succeed throughout her school years.” Gail

“Thanks for two wonderful years! Emma learned so much and grew so much with you. Thank you for everything!” Jill and Jay

“For those who are considering Whole Earth Montessori, I highly recommend the school. My son Ryan just finished first grade and he loved going to school with Diane and Patty. During the three years he was there I saw him grow and mature within the Montessori program. He has learned a level of discipline that I do not see with children his age. Ryan is a strong reader, writer and great at math and that comes from the one on one time with the Diane and Patty. The confidence my children have received from this school is amazing, this will carry them well throughout their lives. My youngest daughter Rachel will be starting her second year and will go through first grade like her brother. We as parents see the same advancement as her older sibling. Whole Earth Montessori program will give your children strong building blocks on which to learn and grow.” Fred

A few comments from students, past and present:

“I would say that Montessori provided me with the foundation to be successful in the rest of my schooling. Starting with your school, I was always in the higher level classes. And I don’t think that would have been possible without you and Montessori. Thank you for the opportunity.” Katherine

“I attribute my academic success to my education during the early years of my life. I attended Whole Earth Montessori for preschool through first grade. When I left, I was reading and spelling at a fifth grade level and doing fourth grade mathematics. My solid foundation of learning enabled me to take on college coursework during high school, and has given me the courage to attend a private college, where I am studying math and finance. Without Whole Earth Montessori I would not have the strength and motivation to soar to new academic heights and achieve my goals. . . . Thank you, Diane, for instilling in me a love for learning.” Megan

“Diane gave me my foundation that without which, I would not be where I am today.” Katie, IB Full diploma with a 3.9 GPA attending University of Portland

“I learn new things everyday. Diane is a good teacher and she cares about me a lot.” Ryan

To learn more about our learning methods, please view The Montessori Learning Philosophy.

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