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Celebrate Earth Day Every Day!

Our Earth Day studies have brought a great awareness to each child of just how easy it is to help make our planet a healthier place. The children enjoyed showing their parents the signs and pictures they colored that are hanging on the wall in our hallway. We picked up litter in our play area and parking lot. We planted, conserved and re-used. Our last activity to celebrate Earth Day was to gather natural things from our yard and make “art”. Pine needles, grass, pine cones, dandelions, clover and few walnut shells that the squirrels had dropped. As they were figuring out how to create something without using glue, tape or any other man made items, one child squeezed the stem of a dandelion and out came sticky white stuff …. he exclaimed … “hey, we have glue and we didn’t need to buy it at the store” ….. what fun!!!

Celebrate Earth Day Every Day!!

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