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Spring is here!

As the sun begins to warm our days and we wake to the sound of the birds the children will now begin learning about different birds in our area. We have a variey of eggs for them to compare, photos of each bird and some nests. A fun and inexpensive project you can do with your child is to create a birdbath. Birds need fresh, clean water for drinking and bathing. Make your backyard more inviting to birds by providing water! Few things are more attractive to them than a clean, well-maintained birdbath.

A good drinking/bathing fountain for birds should be like a shallow puddle. Choose a shallow container that is easy to clean. If you think that a birdbath on the ground might be tempting to cats, put the birdbath three or four feet off the ground. Put some sand in the bottom of the bath and arrange a few branches or stones in the container so the birds can perch and view your backyard.

As your child begins to see the birds enjoying their water creation you can help them learn how to identify their local birds. Start a Birding Journal. Your child can write down their observation, draw pictures and discuss ways to help maintain your yard to be “bird friendly”.

Enjoy the “songs” of spring!

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  1. gail says:

    We loved this idea. Tried it and it was so much fun!


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